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What are Amrita G Spot Wands used for?

Our Amrita G Spot wands are specially designed to make it easy for you to reach your G spot. Every woman is capable of releasing amrita, or ejaculating, via G spot stimulation. Every woman is also capable of orgasming through G spot stimulation. (The release of amrita and orgasm do not necessarily happen at the same time). When amrita is released, the woman flushes out toxic emotions that have been stored in the body, in the same way that crying acts as an emotional release. The physical motion necessary to release amrita is fairly hard, rhythmic pressure on the G Spot which can be hard to achieve using fingers alone. Our Amrita G Spot Wands enable women to achieve this release by themselves. This can bring about great healing and open the gates to pleasure.

Why are your Amrita G Spot Wands this shape?

The angular design of our G Spot wand makes it very easy for women to apply deep pressure on their own G Spot with only a small movement of the hand.

What are your Amrita G Spot Wands made from?

We use high grade borosilicate glass,  which is a very safe, sturdy material which will not shatter or break easily. Unlike normal glass, it can withstand very high or low temperatures. This is the material that all glass tools intended for internal use are made from for safety reasons. SaveSave