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Who can use mini curved wands?

Our unique mini curved wands are designed to be used by men or women to apply pressure to places that can be difficult to reach. The can also be used for external massage around the groin area to apply pressure to points where tension is often stored.

How can men use mini curved wands?

Our curved wands make it easy for men to reach their prostate. The prostate is the “male G spot”. Men can benefit from stimulating this area to help release trapped emotions and trauma which is often stored in the prostate. Over a period of time, sensation in the prostate becomes pleasurable and men are able to experience deeper orgasms through prostate stimulation. Men can also use the wands to apply pressure to the groin area around the genitals to release tension in this area.

How can women use mini curved wands?

The curvy design of our mini curved makes it possible for women to apply pressure to points inside their vagina. In the same way that men store negative, unprocessed emotions and traumas in their prostate, women store these traumas in their vagina. Often the vagina is numb and sometimes painful. Regular massage can help to resolve these traumas, re-sensitising the vagina and releasing the pain. Deep pressure can be difficult to apply using the fingers alone. Women can also use the wands to massage points on the outside of the yoni, around the pubic bone. We store lots of tension and emotion in this area which needs releasing.