Get our Pleasure School at the discounted price of £99 (normally £150) when you buy your yoni wand – clear, easy to follow instructions and progressions to help you to get the most out of your yoni wand with 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the course.

I’d like to say a big thank you to you for the obsidian wand which I received from you last month. After just a few weeks of using it, my leaky bladder problems have completely resolved themselves. Wow! This comes after 3 years of going for various tests and scans and not being able to find the cause.


What are yoni wands used for?

Our yoni wands are designed to take self-pleasure to the next level.

Your body is, quite literally, your temple. Your sexuality is a gateway to the divine. Our yoni wands are tools to help you worship.

Self-pleasure so often is a mundane, routine activity: you have a set gameplan that you follow – the shortest route to a clitoral orgasm. Wham, bam and then you can go to sleep/ finish making your sandwiches/ watch the rest of Game of Thrones.

We are inviting you to take a fresh approach to self-pleasure. Make it a sacred activity: create time, space and ritual around your self-pleasure and awaken your yoni to pleasure you did not know existed.

Yoni Wands can also be used for de-armouring – releasing trauma, pain and numbness from the vagina.


How do you use a yoni wand?

We recommend that you create a sacred space in which to self pleasure. Make sure you have plenty of time when you will not be disturbed. Light some candles, incense, choose some music and make sure the room is warm. Have plenty of coconut oil on hand. Spend some time breathing deeply. It can help to do some yoga to get the sexual energy moving in your body.

Spend time touching your entire body. Experiment with different sensations.

When you are aroused and lubricated, enter your yoni gently with your fingers first. Experiment, play, enjoy. You can use your wand for deep, fulfilling penetration, exploring the deepest regions of your vagina and find pleasure spots and sensations. Try moving the wand in a circular motion inside your yoni, or gentle, rhythmic pressure on different areas.

The wand can be used to gently stimulate the tip of your cervix, reaching areas that other wands cannot. Be very gentle at first. Some women hold a lot of trauma in their cervix. The cervix is connected to the heart so any traumas associated with the heart will be held there. Gentle massage of the cervix can help you to release these stagnant emotions which can block your heart from opening to unconditional love. As you release the pain, you will find that the gateways open to pleasure. If you open and let go, you may find your way to internal vaginal orgasms, g-spot orgasms and cervical orgasms.


What’s wrong with mass produced sex toys?

The majority of sex toys on the market are not fit for purpose.

Many women do not realise that vibrators desensitise the clitoris. Although it is very easy to reach a clitoral orgasm using these devices, women quickly reach the point where they are unable to have a clitoral orgasm without using a one.

Plastic, mass produced sex toys are probably the last thing you should be sticking into the most delicate part of your body.  They leach toxins and carry the same energetic vibration as a bin bag.