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We sell Yoni Eggs, Yoni Wands, Amrita G Spot Wands and Mini Curved Wands.

Our Yoni Eggs can be used by women to strengthen, sensitise and reconnect with their vaginas. They are a powerful healing tool which can help with a range of issues from uncomfortable menstruation or menopause to preparation for or recovery from childbirth. We sell eggs made out of traditional jade used by Taoists for millennia. We also sell yoni eggs made from other crystals including rose quartz, blood stone, obsidian, rhodonite, amethyst, clear quartz and  red jasper. Each crystal has a unique energy and different people will be attracted to a particular crystal for their healing journey. Crystal properties can be found on the product pages.

Our Crystal Yoni Wands are intended to be used for internal massage to bring pleasure and healing. Many sex toys are made out of toxic materials that leach toxins into one of the most sensitive parts of our body. Our yoni wands are crafted from rose quartz, obsidian, bloodstone and red jasper: natural, organic, non-porous materials with high energetic frequencies. Self-pleasure and internal massage using these tools is a completely different experience to using plastic sex toys.

We are accustomed to self-pleasuring without paying consciousness attention to the act. Many women are unaware of the layers of pleasure within their vaginas, and the different types of orgasms waiting to be discovered there beneath layers of numbness, trauma and shame. Internal massage with crystal yoni wands brings consciousness, intention and healing to the act of self-pleasure and ultimately take us to the next level of pleasure and consciousness.

Our Amrita G Spot Wands are designed to make it easy for you to reach your g spot. Every woman is capable of releasing amrita, or ejaculating, via g spot stimulation. When amrita is released, the woman flushes out toxic emotions that have been stored in the body, in the same way that crying acts as an emotional release. The physical motion necessary to release amrita is fairly hard, rhythmic pressure on the g spot which can be hard to achieve during self-pleasure. Our Amrita G Spot Wands enable women to achieve this release by themselves. This can bring about great healing and open the gates to pleasure.

Our Mini Curved Wands can be used by men or women. For both sexes, they are brilliant tools for applying deep pressure to the external area around our genitals where a lot of tension is often stored. This area is the area most likely to be ignored by massage therapists and yet it is one of the areas most in need of attention.

For men, they are a useful tool for prostate massage. The prostate is “the male g spot”. Men tend to store many of their traumas in the prostate area. Massage of this area can bring about profound emotional release and our mini curved wands enable men to reach this spot by themselves.

Women can use our Mini Curved Wands to target specific areas of their yoni for deep massage. In the same way that men benefit from prostate massage to release trauma and stuck emotion, women benefit from vaginal massage. Trauma may be stored in any area of the vagina. Our mini curved wands allow women to apply steady, deep pressure to various points within their own vagina that may be uncomfortable or difficult to otherwise reach.

For further explanation of how to use our Tantric Tools, please go to the individual tool pages.