All of our Yoni Eggs come with access to our free mini-course –  to help get you to get the most from your Yoni Egg

Each Yoni Egg comes with string which is an essential accessory for your yoni egg. Our string is top quality, 100% natural and plastic free.

What are yoni eggs?

Yoni eggs are also called “jade eggs”. Two thousand years ago, the Taoists in ancient China first developed the use of polished stones to exercise the muscles in the vagina,  thereby increasing health and longevity.

What does yoni mean?

Yoni is the sanskrit word for the female reproductive system, encompassing the womb, the vagina and the vulva. We don’t really have an equivalent word in the English language. The word means “sacred temple”, which is exactly what our yonis are.

Is a yoni egg the same as a jade egg?

Jade was the stone that the Taoists traditionally used for practise. It is said that they also used rose quartz and obsidian eggs. We sell yoni eggs in 6 different stones. All the stones have different energies which will be attractive to different people. No one stone is better than another. Our jade eggs are slightly more expensive simply because Nephrite Jade is a more expensive (rarer) stone. We encourage people to read a little about each stone and choose intuitively which stone they prefer. You may find that you want to work with different stones at different times, depending on what you are working through. Some are more suited to healing menstrual issues, some useful for pregnancy/ childbirth, others are recommended for working through past traumas or raising libido.


How do yoni eggs work?

The yoni egg is inserted inside the vagina and is used along with resistance to exercise the vaginal muscles. It can also be “worn” inside the vagina for a period of time.

You don’t need to follow the esoteric to use a yoni egg. They work on a very tangible, physical level, strengthening the vaginal muscles and bringing a woman’s focus and attention onto the nerve endings inside her vagina.

Imagine you had never realised that you could use your left arm and it had been dangling uselessly by your side your entire life. It would be weak and the neural connections between your brain and your arm would be very few. Then once started trying to move it, you would start trying to move maybe one finger at a time. Over time, the neural connections would increase and strengthen as the arm itself strengthened and eventually you would have a fully functional, articulate arm. It’s the same with the vagina. As you build up strength in your vagina, you will be increasing sensation, neural connections and learning to isolate and articulate different muscles.

Internal massage with the yoni egg can also help to release negative emotions that are stored inside the yoni: fear, anger, sadness, worry, as well as trauma. The negative energy is absorbed by the yoni egg when the egg is worn.


What can a yoni egg do for me?

There are so many benefits of using a yoni egg. Here are just a few:

  • Increasing sensation in your vagina and thereby enhancing your sexual pleasure and orgasmic potential.
  • Stimulating a stagnant libido.
  • Preparation for pregnancy.
  • Preparation for childbirth.
  • Recovery after childbirth.
  • Improve a weak pelvic floor and recover from incontinence.
  • Treating PMS and menstrual discomfort.
  • Treating problems associated with menopause including loss of libido, loss of vaginal lubrication and hormonal imbalance.
  • Healing emotional and physical trauma that has been held in the vagina
  • Awakening our creativity and passion for life.
  • Manifestation and creativity using the jade egg with sex magic.
  • Improving our relationship with our partner.
  • And as a wonderful side effect, working with the jade egg means more pleasure for your partner during sex.