We are delighted to announce the launch of our long awaited


an online course designed to help you to connect to your sexuality, to release trauma from your vagina and to deepen into sexual pleasure as a force for healing.

G Spot Wand

Do you want to:

Remove the blocks that prevent you from feeling pleasure?

Learn to have deep, strong, satisfying vaginal orgasms?

Release trauma from your vagina?

It is Time to Step Into Your Power

We truly believe that by deepening our connection with our sexual energy and our sexual and reproductive anatomy, we become more authentic versions of ourselves.




This work is about so much more than pleasure.

A woman who can stand in her sexual power, connected to her centre – to her sacred womb, ovaries, cervix, vagina and menstrual blood, is a sovereign woman, a woman who knows of no greater authority than that of her own body. She does not need to look outside herself to feel safe. A woman who is connected to her sexuality, to her Sacred Yoni, her creative centre, is able to express her full creative range. This means she can bring her unique gifts to this earth and let her creativity flow from her for the good of all.

It’s Time for Change

For the first time in millennia, in our culture, we have the ability to bring about change, en masse. We will no longer be imprisoned or killed or abused or tortured or have our wombs removed if we talk about our sexual and reproductive organs and our sexual energy. This is still not true in every country in the world. The more of us that make this change, the more we give permission for other women to do the same. The more we stand in our own power, the more we can help other women to reclaim their own sovereignty.

Solo Journey

This course focuses on discovering OUR OWN pathways to sexual pleasure. Understanding and releasing OUR OWN traumas. It is not a partnered journey. However, what you learn in this course and take out of this course will ultimately HUGELY benefit your relationship and partnered sex life if you have one.



On this course you will:

Module 1

  • Understand and connect with your sexual and reproductive anatomy
  • Develop “pelvic presence” and learn to fully inhabit your pelvic bowl
  • Learn to experience the direct route to pleasure through your hands
  • Use movement to release trauma and encourage energy to move through the body
  • Begin to experience pleasure using the entirety of your body
  • Learn how to charge your yoni wand
  • Practice daily yoni connection
  • Practice taking pleasure with your hands

Module 2

  • Learn how to release trauma from your vagina and uterus
  • Learn how to de-armour your vagina physically and energetically
  • Understand the importance of honouring your yoni
  • Learn nurturing, non-sexual self-yoni massage techniques
  • Learn Taoist reflexology of the vagina
  • Use sound as a healing tool
  • Practice daily yoni massage
  • Practice taking pleasure with your body

Module 3

  • Tap into your sexual energy
  • Clarify and refine your orgasmic potential
  • Learn the importance of feeling safe
  • Learn Taoist breath work techniques
  • Learn about the innervation of the sexual organs
  • Discover pleasure inside your vagina
  • Discover your G Spot aka Goddess Spot aka The Sacred Spot
  • Learn how to create new neural pathways to orgasmic sensation
  • Use Tantric & Taoist techniques to increase your experience of sexual pleasure
  • Practice daily yoni massage and breath work techniques

Module 4

  • Connect to your breasts
  • Learn breast massage techniques
  • Teach yourself how to experience vaginal orgasms
  • Learn about female ejaculation via the Goddess Spot
  • Learn more about the pleasure zones in your vagina
  • Practice daily breast massage
  • Practice taking pleasure with your yoni



What form does the learning take?

We use videos, diagrams, audio and text to give you the information you need. The course is largely an exercise in embodiment – teaching you how to feel inside your own body. We use audio guided meditations and journeys to guide you through the experiences. This makes it super easy for you as you don’t need to remember anything – just switch on the audio and follow the guidance.  

How often does the course run?

This is a self study course. When you buy the course you will receive access to all the modules and can work through them at any time at your own pace. This means you can begin the course at any time.  

How much time do I need to commit to the course?

You will need to dedicate 10 minutes a day to the practices plus a 1.5 hour weekly pleasure date.
In addition to this you will need time to work through the course material – this is 2 to 3 hours per module.

How long will it take me to complete the course?

This really depends on you. It will take a minimum of 4 weeks to work through the 4 modules. Most people will probably take longer than a week to go through each module. We recommend taking your time with the material rather than rushing through it.

We emphasise that consistency is hugely important – even if you can’t work through all the course material for a module in a week, you still need to do the 10 minutes a day practices and the 1.5 hour pleasure date each week.

The material in this course can all be revisited again and and again to go deeper into yourself – Lisa and Kate are still going back and doing the practices in this course. Every time you do these practices you will have a different experience.


Is this course suitable for transgender people?

This course is intended for anyone who has a vagina, no matter how they identify. We have not created material specifically for transgender men or women as this is outside the realms of our experience and it would be dishonest of us to pretend to understand how our work would apply.

If you are a transgender or non-binary person wishing to take this course, we’d love to hear from you so we can speak to you on a one-to-one basis on the material and how it might work for you.

Is this course suitable for lesbian or bi-sexual women?

The work offered in this course is invaluable for heterosexuals, homosexuals and bi-sexuals and everything in between. Sometimes you might hear us talking about sex with male partners when we talk about our own experiences. This is in no way meant to exclude our lesbian sisters and there is nothing in this course that does not apply equally to women of all sexual orientations.


We are SO CONFIDENT that you will love this course that we offer it with a 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE if you do not feel that it is suitable for your needs. If you want to return the course, just email us at [email protected] within 30 days of purchase, and we will arrange a refund – no quibbles.

How much does the course cost?

For a limited amount of time we are offering this course at the discounted rate of £99 when you buy any wand from us (normally £125) – this discount is taken off automatically at checkout when you purchase the wand.