Erotic Awareness


Erotic Awareness is choosing to understand that eroticism is not just limited to the bedroom, nor is pleasure or orgasm. Mind-blowing sexual experiences begin with our mind – our awareness that we are deeply erotic, even while at work, picking our kids up from daycare or after a long day of cleaning the house. The erotic is simply aliveness, which is sexual energy.

Having awareness around your orgasm beyond a quick, genital sneeze and using it for imagination purposes will help you imagine new pathways opening up and building in your body.“where attention goes energy flows.” If you can focus your intention and attention there (like in your heart, deep vagina or whole body, for example) you can send sexual energy there and therefore, become orgasmic there.

Set your intention to be orgasmic. BECOME YOUR ORGASM, even if you’ve never “had one” yet.

Shift your mindset to expand your orgasm into something that is filled with life-force sexual energy, not just based in your genitals.
But yes, choose to believe that genital based orgasm or vaginal orgasm is possible for you too, whether alone or partnered.
Give yourself permission to believe that all orgasms are possible for you, because you are your source of orgasm. Vaginal orgasms. Whole body. Multiple. All of it is possible for you and it’s limitless.

It starts in your mind So what do you choose to believe? What do you choose to intend when it comes to orgasm? What makes you feel the most hopeful, alive and powerful as a sensual, erotic and orgasmic woman?

1 Write down your own personal definition of orgasm. What aligns with you? What doesn’t?

2 How has your (potentially) limited definition of orgasm inhibited or prevented you from experiencing the kind of sex, pleasure and orgasm you desire?

3 What emotions or sensations follow any experience of orgasm you have?

4 What do you desire to awaken and experience when it comes to sex, pleasure and orgasm from now on?

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