Which Tool is For Me?

Which Yoni Wand?

Self Pleasure

Our wands have been created with the intention of supporting people in the sacred act of self-pleasure.
We are accustomed to self-pleasuring without paying consciousness attention to the act.
The usual model of self-pleasure goes something along the lines of finding the quickest route to orgasm, usually via clitoral stimulation. We continually tread this well-worn path, often using orgasm to release tension or to go to sleep more easily.
Many women are unaware of the pleasure waiting to be discovered there beneath layers of numbness, trauma and shame.
Our yoni wands bring consciousness, intention and healing to the act of self-pleasure and ultimately take us to the next level of pleasure and consciousness.
If you want to learn how to access deep vaginal orgasms, our self-study Pleasure School is for you.


Our wands are also intended to enable people to “de-armour” their internal anatomy – that is to release pain, numbness, tension and trauma from where it has been stored on a cellular level.

This process requires presence and attention – it is a way of touching ourselves with intention and consciousness that we might never have experienced before.

Our self-study Pleasure School teaches the process of de-armouring which is a vital piece of the jigsaw when we are deepening into our pleasure.

So which wand do I need?

We sell a range of wands – all of which can be used for pleasure and healing. We find it useful to have a “quiver” of wands, since they each have their own qualities. However, it’s good to start off with one and this guide should help you to choose the right one for you.

Glass Wands

All our glass wands are made from 100% high quality, body-safe borosilicate glass. This is a very sturdy, safe, durable, shatterproof material commonly used in glass sex toys and also in internal surgical procedures.

Crystal cannot be carved into the same shapes we can get with our glass wands.

The glass wands can be “charged” with whatever frequency you desire.

The handle on the Amrita G Spot and the Sweet Heart Cervix Wand mean that they are the easiest and most comfortable wands to use – we highly recommend them for dearmouring and pleasure.

The OMG Pussy Wand is a sensation delight – it can be used for dearmouring but comes into its own as a pleasure wand.

Crystal Wands

Our crystal wands come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

We sell curved versions which are great for dearmouring and pleasure – targeting specific points in the vagina – we are huge fans of the curved wands.

Our large straight wands have the capacity to “fill you up” in a way no other wand will and our smaller straight wands are perfect for those who prefer a more gentle experience.

We love self pleasuring and dearmouring with crystal – the stones themselves bring their own vibration and unique healing properties to the party.

We suggest choosing the stone that you feel most drawn to – properties of individual stones can be found on the product pages.

Amrita G Spot

Our Amrita G Spot Wands are designed to make it easy for you to reach your Goddess Spot.

G Spot orgasms are deep, satisfying internal orgasms that can be experienced through stimulation of the G Spot. These wands help women to experience these deep vaginal orgasms.

Every woman is capable of releasing amrita, or ejaculating, via G spot stimulation. When amrita is released, the woman flushes out toxic emotions that have been stored in the body, in the same way that crying acts as an emotional release.

The physical motion necessary to release amrita is firm, rhythmic pressure on the g spot which can be hard to achieve with fingers.

The design of the G Spot wand makes it easy to achieve the right pressure comfortably without creating tension in the arms or hands.

Our Amrita G Spot wands are also the perfect tool for de-armouring and releasing tension from the vagina.

It is a really great all round tool for beginning this journey and is one of our best sellers.

Curved Crystal Wands

Our Rose Quartz Crescent wand and our Curved Bloodstone Wand are an excellent choice for pleasure and de-armouring.

The curved shape helps to target specific spots, including the G Spot – these wands are great for beginners or if you’re not sure which crystal wand to get.


Large Wands

Our larger straight wands are designed to “fill you up” – the tapered end means that you can choose how wide you want to go and the length means that it’s easy to reach the cervix with these wands.

Mini Wands

Our mini-curved wands and twisted wands are a good choice for women who know they want something small – the curved design of the mini-curved helps with targeting specific spots, whilst the twisted wands give texture and sensation.

Sweet Heart Cervix Wand

These wands have been designed by Tantric Tools specifically for cervical de-armouring and pleasure.

Cervical orgasms are expansive, blissful experiences, quite unlike the peak orgasms usually experienced through clitoral stimulation. They tend not to be “peak” orgasms but instead consist of a pleasure expands and engulfs. Many women report feelings of being connected to the divine and to all that is.

We also carry trauma in our cervix: there can be scar tissue from various surgeries, birth trauma, trauma from invasive medical procedures, pain during sex when the cervix is bruised from deep penetration that is not gentle enough.

The cervix is the deepest part of our internal body that we can physically touch and as such, it can be difficult to reach.

These wands have a handle that makes it easy and comfortable to reach the cervix.

One end of the Sweet Heart is smooth and bulbed – this gives our cervix something to soften and yield into during the de-armouring process, and beyond, as we surrender to full body cervical orgasms.

The Sweet Heart Cervix Wand is designed to be used for both de-armouring and pleasure – in practice during cervical stimulation, you will find yourself following both avenues simultaneously.

Our Sweetheart Cervix Wands are made from 100% high quality, body-safe borosilicate glass. This is a very sturdy, safe, durable, shatterproof material commonly used in glass sex toys and also in internal surgical procedures.

OMG Pussy Wand

Our OMG Pussy Wand has been specially designed by Tantric Tools to bring the ultimate in pleasure and sensation to your beloved pussy.

We recommend this wand primarily for deepening into pleasure.

The different textures on the OMG Pussy Wand are there to awaken the sensitivity and sentience inside your beautiful vagina.

The curve of the wand enables you to create varying pressure and target specific areas.

These OMG Pussy Wands are made from 100% high quality, body-safe borosilicate glass. This is a very sturdy, safe, durable, shatterproof material commonly used in glass sex toys and also in internal surgical procedures.

Which Yoni Egg?

What are Yoni Eggs?

Yoni Eggs or Jade Eggs are a small eggs made of polished stone which are designed to be inserted into the vagina.

These tools were first developed by the Taoists of ancient China over 2000 years ago.

All our yoni eggs have a small hole drilled at one end so that string can be threaded onto this egg. This enables the egg to be easily removed after use and also helps to provide resistance when exercising with the egg.

Women are often told to do “Kegel” exercises to strengthen their pelvic floor. Although Kegels can be useful for improving proprioception, used on their own they will do little to increase strength. The yoni eggs provide the resistance needed to tangibly tone and strengthen the pelvic floor.

Why do I need one?

Some of the benefits of using yoni eggs:

Preparation for childbirth – a supple, toned pelvic floor can make childbirth easier.

Recovery after childbirth.

Prevent or recover from incontinence.Nephrite jade egg single

Treating PMS and menstrual discomfort.

Increasing sensation in your vagina and thereby enhancing your sexual pleasure and orgasmic potential.

Stimulating a stagnant libido.

Treating problems associated with menopause including loss of libido, loss of vaginal lubrication and hormonal imbalance.

Healing emotional and physical trauma that has been held in the vagina

Awakening our creativity and passion for life.

So which egg do I need?

We’ve done our best to simplify what can seem a confusing choice to folks starting out with a yoni egg.

Which Size?

We only stock one size of yoni egg – medium.

All our eggs measure 40mm x 30mm.

The reason for this is that a medium egg is suitable for most women. Some websites stock larger eggs – these are for women who are unable to retain a medium sized egg whilst standing to begin with. Since we recommend beginning practices with a lying down practice, it is not necessary to be able to retain the egg. Women who buy a larger egg would need to trade down to a medium egg within a couple of weeks of practice. We find it saves women money and helps alleviate confusion to simply stock one size of egg.

The very small sized eggs are for very experienced practitioners and demand for them is so low that we do not stock them, again to avoid confusion.


Which Crystal?

We sell 8 different crystal types: jade, amethyst, clear quartz, rose quartz, rhodonite, obsidian, bloodstone and red jasper. All of our crystals are non-toxic and safe for internal use (see our FAQs).

Women often ask which crystal they should use.

Jade is the stone traditionally used for yoni eggs and the choice of the Taoists for millenia. It is a beautiful, all round healing stone, very strong and hard.

However, if you are drawn to work with another type of crystal then go for that. In our opinion, it is really a matter of personal choice. We personally use different crystals depending on how we are feeling.

Our product pages have a breakdown of the individual crystal properties.

Follow your intuition to choose the crystal that is right for you.

We also sell glass eggs made of body safe borosilicate glass for women who do not want to use crystal eggs. These eggs are versatile. The material is neutral and so it can be charged to any frequency you desire.

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