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Frequently Asked Questions

If we haven’t covered something below, please feel free to reach out to us and we’ll be able to talk through any other questions you may have.

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What is Tantra?

Tantra was first developed in the Indus Valley five or six thousand years ago. It is a spiritual path which has hugely influenced both Hinduism and Buddhism and which has many different lineages or forms today. Tantra was often practised in secrecy since it was seen as a threat by hierarchical patriarchal powers and therefore repressed. The threat that tantra represented was that it does not require practitioners to look outside of themselves to find divinity. Rather, the work is to “spontaneously recognise our absolute divine essence.” (Daniel Odier). Tantra recognises and celebrates feminine power which was a threat to patriarchy.

Tantra is non-dualistic: it does not recognise good versus bad, but instead regards the whole of existence as valid experience. It exists beyond the realms of ideas about morality, religious dogma and correct behaviour. Because of this, tantra has been one of the few religions or philosophies to recognise that sexuality and sexual energy are an integral part of the spiritual path. Many organised religions actively reject and repress sexuality and many spiritual paths simply ignore it. For this reason, tantra has become famous as the spiritual path which includes sexual energy. For many, tantra has become a byword for sexual technique.

Tantra is far more complex and all encompassing than just focusing on sexuality. However, because of the repression of sexuality in Western culture for so long, there is much healing needed in the realm of sexuality and so this aspect of tantric teachings has taken root here. Tantra presumes that anything can be a portal for spiritual growth. Areas that encompass societal taboos have the most potential for growth – it takes a lot of energy to keep something in shadow and so when that energy is freed, rapid spiritual growth can occur. Hence focusing on sexuality has the potential for rapid spiritual growth

We use the word “tantra” with our products to acknowledge this sacred approach to sexuality. Our tools are not just sex toys, they are tools for healing and for pleasure and we regard the conscious pursuit of pleasure as a sacred path. This is a different approach to using pornography or vibrators to achieve a fast orgasm for physical release. We recognise that there is far more to tantra than an exploration of sexuality, but we embrace the use of the word tantra with our products as it conveys an idea of what our products are about.


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What size egg do I need?

We only stock one size of yoni egg – medium. All our eggs measure 40mm x 30mm. The reason for this is that a medium egg is suitable for most women. Some websites stock larger eggs – these are for women who are unable to retain a medium sized egg whilst standing to begin with. Since we recommend beginning practices with a lying down practice, it is not necessary to be able to retain the egg. Women who buy a larger egg would need to trade down to a medium egg within a couple of weeks of practice. We find it saves women money and helps alleviate confusion to simply stock one size of egg. The very small sized eggs are for very experienced practitioners and demand for them is so low that we do not stock them, again to avoid confusion.

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Are your yoni eggs & wands safe for internal use?

There has been a lot of debate about whether or not women should be using yoni eggs or crystal dildos at all. Ultimately, you need to make your own decision on whether you consider the yoni egg or wand to be body safe as there have been no studies conducted to verify this – but the fact that jade eggs have been used in the Western world for the last 50 years with no reported damage, and that the practice of working with jade eggs goes back 1000s of years in China, is a pretty good indication.

If you have any concerns, please choose our products that are made from borosilicate glass since these are scientifically considered to be body safe and this material has undergone all kinds of rigourous testing.

That said, we ensure that we ONLY use crystals that we know to be body safe.

Some crystals are not suitable for internal use.

When choosing a material for a yoni egg or wand, there are a number of considerations to make:

1. Is the material toxic?

Some types of crystal contain toxic materials and should never be put inside the body.

Labrodorite (contains aluminium)

Serpentine (contains asbestos)

Tiger’s Eye (contains asbestos)

Turquoise (contains copper)

Malachite (contains copper)

This list is by no means exhaustive -however ALL of the eggs that we sell are body safe and non-toxic

2. Is the material porous?

There is concern around the porosity of crystals compared to say, borosilicate glass which is considered absolutely non-porous. The fear is that the pores could harbour bacteria which could lead to toxic shock syndrome.

All crystals are porous to some extent, but the crystals that we sell have a very low porosity. The exact percentage is difficult to measure but one study showed that quartz has a porosity of 0.39% (most rocks have around 15-20%).

Other things we put inside us are porous and could harbour bacteria – for example, penises, fingers & tampons.

To ensure that the eggs are not harbouring any bacteria, we advise cleaning them in warm soapy water after every use, including cleaning the hole where the string goes either with a Tepe dental brush, or by blowing through and rinsing.

We also recommend not wearing the egg for more than 4 hours – we don’t recommend leaving the egg in overnight and the practices we recommend on our course involve using the egg for less than an hour.

If porosity is a concern for you, we suggest using either our glass eggs or a jade egg, which is the least porous of the crystals we offer.

3. Is the material hard?

The MOHS scale rates different stones for their hardness and whether they can be scratched.

Eggs to be used internally should have a rating of 6.5 or higher on the MOHS scale – with the exception of obsidian which is 5.5. All of our eggs match these criteria. Each egg has it’s MOHS rating displayed on its shop page and GIA certificate.

Some stones, such as selenite, can actually dissolve in the body, so it’s super important to use a hard stone.

4. Can the material withstand pressure?

There is some debate about using quartz and other crystals for internal use because they do not have the same tenacity as jade. There is a saying amongst gemologists:

“If you hit a diamond with a hammer, it’ll shatter into a dozen pieces. Hit a piece of quartz with a hammer, it’ll split in two. Hit a piece of jade with a hammer, it’ll ring like a bell!”

And indeed some bells in ancient China were made from jade.

Jade is known to be able to withstand higher pressures than quartz. Whilst quartz products will break more easily if they are dropped, we have yet to hear of a vagina strong enough to break a piece of rock.

5. Is the egg or wand cracked, chipped or broken?

We advise not to use an egg which is cracked, chipped or broken. If your egg or wand arrives damaged in any way, please contact us. If it gets damaged whilst in your care, we advise replacing it. If you have surface scratches on the stones, these are safe to use – just make sure the crystals are cleaned before and after use.

Please be aware that natural flaws in the crystals are normal – these are natural products and may have various natural flaws.

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Why don't you sell vibrators?

Vibrators can desensitize the vulva and vagina.

Vibrators can be useful, particularly for women who have never experienced an orgasm.

Occasional use of a vibrator does not seem to cause problems

However, the essence of what we offer is about empowering women to feel MORE in their vaginas. With a vibrator, it is easy to form a habit of using a vibrator to achieve an orgasm quickly and easily. It can then become difficult to orgasm without a vibrator.

If this has happened to you, the only solution that we know of is to stop using the vibrator. Follow the work that we offer and you will discover new pathways to pleasure that do not involve a vibrator.


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How long will it take for my item to arrive in the UK?

We dispatch all our orders within 2 working days of receiving the order.

We use Royal Mail First Class Signed for service which aims to deliver the following working day (but is not guaranteed to arrive then).

Please allow 10 working days for your parcel to arrive in the UK – if you parcel has not arrived in this time, we will send a replacement/ issue a refund.

If you need your parcel in a rush – please drop us a line, we can always send out guaranteed next day delivery – there is an extra charge for this.

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How long will it take my item to arrive outside the UK?

We dispatch all our orders within 2 working days

We use Royal Mail International Tracked

Delivery aims are 3-5 working days in Europe and 5-7 working days outside of Europe.

In practice, this service is usually pretty good – we do have some parcels that take longer to get through.

Please note that we are NOT LIABLE for any customs charges applied to your parcel in your own country. This is completely out of our control and seems quite random – occasionally parcels have a customs charge applied. We have no way of being able to advise you if this will occur for you or not, especially with the recent changes to EU. We advise you to check with your postal services.

Please allow 20 working days for your parcel to arrive internationally – if you parcel has not arrived in this time, we will send a replacement/ issue a refund.

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