Which Yoni Egg Do I need?

Which Yoni Egg?

What are Yoni Eggs?

Yoni Eggs or Jade Eggs are a small eggs made of polished stone which are designed to be inserted into the vagina.

These tools were first developed by the Taoists of ancient China over 2000 years ago.

All our yoni eggs have a small hole drilled at one end so that string can be threaded onto this egg. This enables the egg to be easily removed after use and also helps to provide resistance when exercising with the egg.

Women are often told to do “Kegel” exercises to strengthen their pelvic floor. Although Kegels can be useful for improving proprioception, used on their own they will do little to increase strength. The yoni eggs provide the resistance needed to tangibly tone and strengthen the pelvic floor.

Why do I need one?

Some of the benefits of using yoni eggs:

Preparation for childbirth – a supple, toned pelvic floor can make childbirth easier.

Recovery after childbirth.

Prevent or recover from incontinence.Nephrite jade egg single

Treating PMS and menstrual discomfort.

Increasing sensation in your vagina and thereby enhancing your sexual pleasure and orgasmic potential.

Stimulating a stagnant libido.

Treating problems associated with menopause including loss of libido, loss of vaginal lubrication and hormonal imbalance.

Healing emotional and physical trauma that has been held in the vagina

Awakening our creativity and passion for life.

So which egg do I need?

We’ve done our best to simplify what can seem a confusing choice to folks starting out with a yoni egg.

Which Size?

We only stock one size of yoni egg – medium.

All our eggs measure 40mm x 30mm.

The reason for this is that a medium egg is suitable for most women. Some websites stock larger eggs – these are for women who are unable to retain a medium sized egg whilst standing to begin with. Since we recommend beginning practices with a lying down practice, it is not necessary to be able to retain the egg. Women who buy a larger egg would need to trade down to a medium egg within a couple of weeks of practice. We find it saves women money and helps alleviate confusion to simply stock one size of egg.

The very small sized eggs are for very experienced practitioners and demand for them is so low that we do not stock them, again to avoid confusion.


Which Crystal?

We sell 8 different crystal types: jade, amethyst, clear quartz, rose quartz, rhodonite, obsidian, bloodstone and red jasper. All of our crystals are non-toxic and safe for internal use (see our FAQs).

Women often ask which crystal they should use.

Jade is the stone traditionally used for yoni eggs and the choice of the Taoists for millenia. It is a beautiful, all round healing stone, very strong and hard.

However, if you are drawn to work with another type of crystal then go for that. In our opinion, it is really a matter of personal choice. We personally use different crystals depending on how we are feeling.

Our product pages have a breakdown of the individual crystal properties.

Follow your intuition to choose the crystal that is right for you.

We also sell glass eggs made of body safe borosilicate glass for women who do not want to use crystal eggs. These eggs are versatile. The material is neutral and so it can be charged to any frequency you desire.

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