Physically Cleaning your Yoni Wand

¥  Before using your wand for the first time, you will need to clean it gently to make sure that it is physically clean and ready for you to use. You can use any natural soap. We advise against using harsh chemical cleansers or soaps.

¥  Place the wand in a bowl of warm, soapy water, agitate it gently for a few seconds and leave to soak for five minutes. Rinse the wand under a tap and leave it to air dry, or wipe dry with a soft cloth.

¥  After each use, you can clean your wand according to these instructions.

¥  Never place your yoni wand in boiling water. This could damage your wand.

Energetically Cleansing your Yoni Wand

¥  In addition to physically cleaning your wand, it is a strongly recommended to energetically cleanse the crystal and infuse it with positive energy and intentions.

¥  You can leave your yoni wand to soak overnight in a bowl of water and sea-salt, bath your wand in the light of the moon, or use smudging or sound. Any method is fine.

¥  Alternatively, you can rinse your wand after use under warm running water and then rub with a single drop of organic lavender essential oil. Rinse with warm water again and either air dry or rub with a soft cloth. This will clean your yoni wand both physically and energetically.

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