Women have a direct connection with Pachamama, with Mother Earth, via their wombs or their wombspace.
The seasons of our womb are a direct reflection of the seasons of Earth. The more we pay attention to our own cycle the more we connect with the cycle of Earth. And the more we observe the subtleties of the seasons, the more we will see this reflected in our own bodies.
As Mother Earth’s tides are pulled by the moon, so the tides of our womb are pulled by the moon. The wisdom of our womb is the wisdom of Pachamama.
The crystals hold the energy of Mother Earth at different vibrations. When I put a yoni egg inside my vagina, I am connecting with Pachamama.
The more that we can remember our forgotten connection to Pachamama and strengthen our connection with Pachamama, the stronger, wiser and healthier we become, standing in our power as sovereign daughters of Mother Earth.
This guided practice is a 6 minute recording designed to strengthen your connection with Mother Earth. Put your egg inside you before you listen to it.