Obsidian Beaded Bliss Yoni Wand


Our Obsidian Beaded Bliss Yoni Wands are designed to take sexual healing to a new levels of sensation, versatility and manoueverability.

These wands are double ended – one end is a simple bulbous curve, allowing for a wide area of pressure (gentle or stronger).

The other end is beaded which gives the potential for varying sensations along the vaginal canal.

The curve of the wand allows these wands to be used for targeting specific points inside the vagina and for accessing the pressure points discovered by the Taoists in sexual reflexology.

The curve also means it is great for Goddess Spot stimulation.

The cervix can be stimulated with either end, depending on which experience you wish to cultivate.

Let this tool open the gateways to deep vaginal pleasure and allow the healing sexual energy to flow throughout your body.



Obsidian is strong, durable volcanic glass.

Known as the shadow stone, it is excellent for helping to resolve past trauma that is stored in the body, childhood events that were beyond your control, abuse that has been forgotten. It brings to light unresolved issues that we need to address in order to move forward.

Our obsidian massage wands are great tools for anyone on a healing journey with their sexuality who wants to really go deep and move forward.


  • GIA certified obsidian
  • MOHS rating: 5.5
  • Hand-carved with a smooth polished finish
  • Origin: Guatemala
  • Each stone will have a black colour tone, some with possible gold sheen.
  • Obsidian can have white flecks, bubbles, tiny pits (these are not chips) and thread like silvery/ white imperfections. These objects are made from a natural material so may not be uniform.
  • Crystals are to be used internally at the customer’s discretion.

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