Red Jasper Yoni Egg


Red jasper is the stone of passion. It is a powerful crystal to use in conjunction with sexuality as it helps to increase libido and stimulate stagnant sexual interest, release shame and guilt around sexual expression or orientation and to balance sexual energy. Our red jasper yoni eggs are also perfect to use both in pre-pregnancy for fertility and also during pregnancy since it brings physical strength, energy and stamina to the mother to see her through childbirth and it also encourages robust foetal growth. Red Jasper can be helpful to manifest creative ideas.

  • GIA certified red jasper
  • Hand-carved with a smooth polished finish
  • Origin: Australia
  • Each stone will have a unique appearance of red, orange, cream, white colour variations
  • Medium-sized: 40mm x 30mm
  • Egg is drilled at the smaller end
  • Sold with string which allows you to remove the egg easily and also to perform the exercises


Our medium-sized Yoni Eggs measure 40mm x 30mm. They all have a hole drilled at the smaller end of the egg. The drilled hole enables you to thread a string through the hole to remove the egg easily and also to perform exercises with resistance and weight lifting for more advanced users. Our medium-sized egg is recommended for most practitioners from beginners to advanced. Very advanced practitioners may use smaller eggs.

Our Yoni Eggs are hand-carved from 100% GIA certified crystal.

All our eggs come with 100% natural, high quality, plastic-free string.

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Red jasper


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