The Sweet Heart Cervix Wand


Open your cervix, expand your heart and reach blissful connection with all that is with our Sweet Heart Cervix Wand.

Our Sweet Heart Cervix Wand has been specially designed by Tantric Tools to bring pleasure and healing to your cervix.

This wand is like no other on the market.

The cervix is the deepest part of our internal body that we can physically touch and as such, it can be difficult to reach.

The Sweet Heart Cervix Wand has been created to enable cervixens to reach their cervix with ease. When you first unwrap this wand, you’ll be shocked by its size!! The handle is BIG because it has been designed to facilitiate this ease. The part of the wand that goes inside the vagina is actually thinner than some of our larger wands.

One end of the Sweet Heart is smooth and bulbed – this gives our cervix something to soften and yield into during the dearmouring process, and beyond, as we surrender to full body cervical orgasms.

One end of the Sweet Heart is quite thin and almost pointed – this lets you target very specific points inside the vagina and on the cervix during the dearmouring process.

Our Sweet Heart Cervix Wands are made from 100% high quality, body-safe borosilicate glass. This is a very sturdy, safe, durable, shatterproof material commonly used in glass sex toys and also in internal surgical procedures.

The wands measure 34cm end to end. The diameter of the thickest part of the shaft is 2.5cm and the diameter of the widest part of the bulb is 3cm.

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The cervix is the gatekeeper to the womb. This is a dynamic and wise part of our body. The cervix moves up and down during our menstrual cycle and during sexual arousal. During pregnancy, she is tightly closed with a mucus plug, protecting the baby from the outside world. During birth, she opens profoundly to allow the baby to move into the vagina passage. She is also very active in allowing or preventing sperm into the womb.

These gatekeeping qualities mean that our cervixes can also harden in order to protect us. Trauma, abuse, sex we weren’t a full yes to, overstepping our own boundaries, traumatic childbirth, cervical cancer, cultural shame – just a few of the things that can cause our cervix to hold tension.

Our cervix is our root point, our connection to earth. It is also profoundly connected to both the heart and the throat via this central channel that runs up through our body, and the vagus nerve. The cervical dearmouring process is one of softening, opening and yielding. When we open the cervix, we soften into the heart and we free our voice.

Ultimately, the cervix is the gateway to our connection with spirit. Through this part of our body, we can tangibly feel our connection with the earth, and with the divine.



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