Amrita G Spot Wand

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Ever had a G Spot orgasm?

Our Amrita G Spot Wands have been specially designed to help women reach their G Spot.

In order for G Spot stimulation to result in the release of Amrita, a good amount of pressure needs to be applied. It is difficult for women to apply this pressure through their fingers alone during self-stimulation when attempting to release Amrita. This is where our Amrita G Spot Wands come in.

Our Amrita G Spot Wands can also be used for dearmouring and vaginal massage.

The wands are also the perfect size and shape for men to use for prostate massage which is vital for de-armouring and releasing trauma.

Our Amrita G Spot Wands are made from 100% high quality borosilicate glass. This is a very sturdy, safe, durable, shatterproof material commonly used in glass sex toys. It is also used in Pyrex kitchenware since it can be heated up or cooled without damaging the structure of the glass.

Our wands measure 23cm (9″) in length and 5.5cm (2″) circumference.

They have been carefully designed to enable women to apply pressure to the G Spot with very little effort.

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Our Amrita G Spot Wands are specially designed to make it easy for you to reach your G Spot.

Every woman is capable of releasing Amrita, or ejaculating, via G Spot stimulation. Every woman is also capable of orgasming through G Spot stimulation. (The release of Amrita and orgasm do not necessarily happen at the same time.

When Amrita is released, the woman flushes out toxic emotions that have been stored in the body, in the same way that crying acts as an emotional release.

The physical motion necessary to release amrita is a steady, rhythmic pressure on the G Spot which can be hard to achieve using fingers alone.

Our Amrita G Spot Wands enable women to achieve this release by themselves. This can bring about great healing and open the gates to pleasure.

These wands are also perfect for prostate massage for men.

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11 reviews for Amrita G Spot Wand

  1. Becs (verified owner)

    I bought this after also purchasing a yoni egg a few months prior…both were truly life changing. For me its been a process of releasing trauma, but also accessing so much more pleasure than what I knew was available to me before. My interactions with Lisa have shown me that this is truly a company who care about you and your wellbeing – you are not just buying a ‘sex toy’, you are investing in your personal growth, levelling up your relationships and experiencing so much more joy!

  2. Rose

    This is such a beautifully designed wand allowing for deep pressure with little effort which allows you to really drop into your body and the experience – wow!

  3. Andrew

    I use this G Spot wand as part of my self pleasuring experiences for massaging my prostate. It brings me total control to apply exactly the pressure I want, which I have never experienced when a partner has offered a prostate massage. I find the wand’s smooth finish makes it easy to use. It has changed how I approach my self pleasure practices.

  4. Nitya

    A love this magic wond! It is well made and beautifully designed for easy use with smooth finish. It is wonderful for G-spot stimulation and self-exploration and pleasure. I much prefer it to vibrator which I find with frequent use desentisizes the yoni (vagina) and brings much more pleasure. Thank you for this wonderful magic wond! I also purchased yoni eggs which are also of high quality too. Very happy with them too.

  5. Jonathan

    This is a game changer for self pleasuring for men. I have had prostate massage before from a partner but this takes things to a new exciting level whether on my own of with a partner.
    Soft gentle.pressure on my prostate feels so nourishing. And if I want a peak orgasm, I can edge myself and then ejaculate just using the wand. Beautiful styling erotic sensations. Treat it with love.and respect and it will do the same for you.

  6. Megan

    Wow what a gorgeous piece of art. I ordered this as my other wand isn’t quite the right shape / can get tiring if doing extended yoni work. The wand was a little thinner than I though it would be and this was actually perfect! The first tie I used it I had an unexpected g-spot ejaculation facilitated by my partner, which I have only ever had by myself before – despite many attempts! I love the clear quartz as for me it really resonates with a sense of clarity, clearing, light – all of which are needed for me and my yoni work at this time. It is a feminine, delicate, yet powerful tool! Highly recommended.

  7. Ash

    Really high quality tool, very aesthetically pleasing and easy to use. I would recommend warming it before use for a comforting and fun time. I would agree that this is much better than normal vibrators and I am yet to discover what else it can do. Thanks very much.

  8. Tamsin

    I love this wand! I used it after playing with the Yoni egg a little and becoming much more sensitive. The wand is really well designed and helps me explore pleasure in places I never had before! Using it, I had orgasms that were much deeper than I’d had before. It’s also just fun to explore my body in a new way. Highly recommend x

  9. Jodie (verified owner)

    I found it very good and interesting. It is very agile and completely effortless to reach your G spot and other pleasure zones within your inner univeres (vagina) with this product, and it makes it easy to have a Gspot orgasm leading to a whole body orgasm, it really heightens your whole sensitivity within your whole female body. Also if you want to release amrita this wand can help you to do that too. It’s like magic. After buying this product I truely believe that every woman should have one of these! Absolutely wonderful. A very happy purchase. Thankyou Tantra Tools! Love to all.

    • Kate M

      Kate M

      Thanks Jodie

      Love to you too!!

      Lisa xx

  10. Evita Ozer (verified owner)

    One word-Amayzing, everyone should have this lovely tool in their bedroom.
    So beautifully made,high quality. Speedy delivery,excellent customer service. Feeling so lucky to find this company, can’t wait to order more precious tools.

  11. Iman

    Lightweight and does what it says.
    At first, I think I didn’t know exactly how to use it but with perseverance, it opened my yoni and the stream of flow was insane.

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