Nephrite Jade Yoni Egg

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Our medium-sized Yoni Eggs measure 40mm x 30mm. They all have a hole drilled at the smaller end of the egg. The drilled hole enables you to thread a string through the hole to remove the egg easily and also to perform exercises with resistance and weight lifting for more advanced users. Our medium-sized egg is recommended for most practitioners from beginners to advanced.

Our Yoni Eggs are hand-carved from 100% GIA certified, ethically sourced crystal.

All our eggs come with 100% natural, high quality, plastic-free string.

All our eggs come with printed instructions and a storage/ weightlifting pouch.

Purchase our Yoni Egg Workshop with your yoni egg for just £80 (normally £110) – this course will help you to get the most out of your purchase, giving you the tools you need to set up a yoni egg practice. Check out our Yoni Egg Workshop page for more info: here



Jade is the stone originally used by the Taoist practioners who invented the Jade Egg. This stone was used by practitioners for a number of reasons: it was considered a stone with magical properties, and with healing, protective energy. It was known in several different cultures to balance the body’s internal organs including the kidney, liver, spleen and the female reproductive system. Jade is a wonderful stone for absorbing negative energy and emotions that are stored in the yoni. These can be absorbed by the jade when the egg is worn.

Jade is considered a “yang” stone which was why it was considered suitable for use inside the vagina to balance the “yin” energy of the vagina. It is also able to withstand huge amounts of pressure with very low porosity and is as such considered a super safe stone to use internally.

  • GIA certified nephrite jade
  • Hand-carved with a smooth polished finish
  • Origin: China
  • MOHS rating 6.5
  • Each stone will have a unique appearance of very dark green colour tones
  • PLEASE NOTE- some nephrite jade is almost black.
  • Sold with string which allows you to remove the egg easily and also to perform the exercises


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Nephrite jade

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3 reviews for Nephrite Jade Yoni Egg

  1. Megan

    Such a beautiful egg. It was slightly smaller than my other egg which was perfect for me as when the egg is too big it can be hard to feel into the subtleties. The jade felt dense and grounding, yet energetically soft. It has given me more focus than my amethyst egg and I do feel a more balancing, healing energy than i have before. Can’t believe how generous the pricing is when purchased with the course!

  2. Ayala (verified owner)

    This is a very powerful and beautiful yoni egg. I bought this one and the Rose Quartz one because they both feel like they support me in different ways. I also recommend the yoni egg workshop, it has been really supportive for me and has helped me to deepen my practice. I did a lot of research to buy from a place that feels authentic and with a lot of integrity, and I definitely feel this with Tantric Tools.

  3. Evita Ozer (verified owner)

    Excellent customer service, very friendly, warm approach answered my questions in fine detail.
    I only been using the Yoni egg for 2 weeks but noticed difference in my mood and overall feeling more energised, positive, creative and happy. After my second daughter was born I have been suffering with very low libido. Tried every natural supplement you can find, nothing worked. Yoni egg made so much real difference can’t wait to notice more results. Highly recommended.

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