Yoni Egg Workshop

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Instructions on how to set up and maintain your yoni egg practice. Access to voice and video recordings detailing a month by month progression through a series of yoni egg exercises.


Our Yoni Egg Workshop has been designed to allow women to get the most out of their yoni egg purchase.

The Yoni Egg Workshop will show you how to charge your egg with your intentions for what you want to manifest in your life and how to clear your womb of any negative energy you might be carrying.

It gives detailed instructions on how to perform the yoni egg exercises through a series of recordings which mean that you simply listen and follow the instructions

Without access to this kind of information, women often purchase yoni eggs and do not use them, or perhaps use them a couple of times then give up. Our course is designed so that you can begin a practice and MAINTAIN that practice over months, years, and over a lifetime.

This course is normally £125. For a limited period of time, we are offering it for the discounted rate of £100 and to women who purchase a yoni egg from us for just £75. We are absolutely confident that you will love this course and to this end we offer 100% money back guarantee within 30 days if you are not satisfied with the course.

To purchase our Yoni Egg Workshop at the discounted rate of £75 – simply choose “with Yoni Egg Workshop” when you check out your yoni egg.

1 review for Yoni Egg Workshop

  1. Ayala

    This is an incredible course! Very deep, yet also easy to follow and full of integrity and care. Kate and Lisa are available if anything comes up. A really valuable resource! Thank you!

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